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This fun presentation provides an inspirational experience as a breakout or keynote session. Since it can be a dog eat dog world, it’s best to be a Big Dog. Big Dogs are individuals who are confident in their abilities and humble in their communications with others. Dr. Thea conducted interviews with nationally and internationally known leaders in their fields to identify the characteristics and strategies used by these “Big Dogs.”

Big Dogs are free to be themselves and bring out the best in others. While enjoying themselves, participants learn how to find and use their authentic power to relate to others in a helping relationship.


For individuals whose work depends on creating and nurturing relationships, everyday work can be daunting. Dr. Thea challenges you to look at the specific techniques you are using in relating to others, both clients and colleagues. Using humility in relating to others and being kind to yourself is presented in a 3-step formula: self-awareness, openness, and service. In this conference presentation, Dr. Thea helps you to see the greater good to which each person is working.


Dr. Thea’s Big Dog’s Don’t Have To Bark presentations are available in the following topics:

  • Big Dogs Don’t Have To Bark: Humility and Leadership
  • Big Dogs Don’t Have To Bark: Humility and Creating Relationships
  • Big Dogs Don’t Have To Bark: Humility in the Family


Dr. Thea has a passion for working with individuals who value relationships. Dr. Thea is enthusiastic in providing a meaningful positive experience for those who attend her breakout sessions or keynote speeches.

From our experience, your audience will respond well to:

  • Authenticity
  • Fun atmosphere
  • Meaningful information
  • Content that they will use.


Dr. Thea’s clients have been enthusiastic in the response to her presentations. To ensure meaningful outcomes, the title of the presentation and the presentation are developed for each conference experience, for example “Big Dogs Don’t Have to Bark: Humility With Clients & Colleagues” or “Big Dogs Don’t Have to Bark: Organizational Humility Invites Excellence.”

Conference themes work. Whatever is repeated will find itself into participants’ everyday lives. Dr. Thea has fun with themes and weaves the conference themes into the presentation to create a memorable experience for the attendees.

After the presentation, your audience will:

  • Know specific positive humble communication techniques
  • Be more aware of their motivations
  • Have the tools needed to create and nurture meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues.

Program Time: 45 – 60 Minutes

Fee & Booking: Dr. Thea is available for breakout sessions, keynote presentations, half day and full day programs. Please call (225.590.5774) or e-mail for customized packages and pricing.