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Transportation Travel Tips

November 17th, 2010

4 Responses to Transportation Travel Tips

  1. Ankur

    Dear Dr. Thea,
    A good post about transportation travel tips. One tip that i would like to share with you is check out the travelling destinations beforehand using a video site. Citymedia foundation( has launched , a network of 68,000 city specific video sites, where you can share videos about cities and regions across the world. like for Baton Rouge videos you can visit . You can also find out about other cities that you are interested . Hope to see you there

  2. Lee

    🙂 Transporting my baggage is a real challenge 😉 Last year in Birmingham It was so heavy that it was pretty hard to take it to the taxi :D. As soon as I was in the taxi it took me to the Hilton Birmingham hotel and everything was fine, but the way to the taxi was a nightmare … 🙂

  3. Łeba noclegi

    Hi, awesome topic. Love every bit. Thanks.

  4. thea lobell, ph.d.

    Ankur…what great information! I looked at the one for Baton Rouge. What an interesting assortment of places. I look forward to seeing videos before my next trip. Thanks!

    Lee…I agree. Sometimes the baggage can be a hassle.

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