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Dr. Ducrow can help you achieve your mission through strategic development and implementation consulting. Organizational growth should have a laser focus and all daily activities should  support specific, measurable, clearly articulated goals. Dr. Ducrow has pioneered the development of a 1 Day Strategic Planning Session. After a fast paced day with input from all key stakeholders, organizations have a 1 page actionable strategic plan for the next 2 years with measurable, clearly articulated goals that are in line with the organization’s vision and mission. She also provides training and support for implementing strategic plans.


Legislative Testimony Coaching

You only have a few minutes to get legislators on your side.  If you don’t get their attention, your hopes of change are gone forever. Dr. Ducrow can help you achieve your 2019 Louisiana Legislative mission through legislative testimony coaching. She used her background as a lobbyist, psychotherapist, and professional speaker to develop an effective coaching framework. Call/text her at (225)363-7992 to bring her in as part of your team to get your agenda passed this session.