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1 Day Retreat

Who can benefit?

The 1 day retreat was created for busy organizations who would like employees to have a retreat like experience in a single day. The retreat is geared towards organizations built on relationships. She is passionate about helping those who are stressed and overworked.

Purpose of the retreat

The 1 day retreat serves two purposes for your organization. First, it provides training on areas needing to be addressed with your staff. Second, it provides a safe and nurturing environment for recommitting to the vision and mission of your organization. Often, due to the hectic pace of today’s offices, employees sometime lose sight of the organizational mission. The 1 day retreat provides meaningful activities for employees to reconnect with each other and recommit to the mission.

Clients choose the 1 or 2 focus areas in collaboration with Dr.Thea based on the current needs of employees and a brief e-mail assessment. Focus area topics include the following: productivity, time management, communication skills, counseling skills, working with victims of violence, working with individuals with disabilities, and self-care/burnout prevention.

The following steps are employed in the 1 day retreat process:

  1. Initial phone call to discuss goals and see if Dr.Thea is a good fit.
  2. Date is agreed upon.
  3. Client secures location, food, and finalizes the schedule.
  4. Along with the client, 2 or 3 goals are identified for the day.
  5. Dr. Thea develops a brief e-mail assessment instrument for the employees to complete approximately 2.5 weeks before the retreat.
  6. Meeting (phone or in-person) with client to discuss the results of the assessment, specific exercises employed in the past, and the agenda.
  7. Two weeks before the retreat, Dr.Thea sends an e-mail to the participants to create excitement.
  8. One day before the retreat, Dr. Thea sends another e-mail.
  9. Dr.Thea leads the retreat.
  10. After the retreat, meeting with client to discuss the retreat and steps to take to reinforce the lessons learned.